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Get Genuine Hardox® wearplates in Qatar - Don't fall for fake products!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Not all wear plates are Hardox®

In Qatar's industrial landscape, a prevalent issue is the mislabeling of all wear plates as "Hardox®". It's a situation akin to using "fridge" and "refrigerator" interchangeably, where the brand name "Hardox®" has inadvertently become a blanket term for all wear plates. This phenomenon arises from the widespread recognition of the Hardox® brand, which has unintentionally become a generic term for all wear plates.

While this linguistic quirk might appear innocuous, it conceals a more profound issue – the risk of being misled by suppliers who affix the "Hardox®" label to their products, even when they might not be genuine.

In this article, we will explore how the Hardox® brand, a product of SSAB Sweden, celebrated for its quality, has unintentionally become synonymous with all wear plates in Qatar, paving the way for potential misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Hardox® - the brand

Hardox® is a wear-resistant steel developed by SSAB Sweden and introduced in 1974. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular wear-resistant steels on the market. The popularity has also led to problems of misidentification due to buyers often asking for "Hardox®" plates, and suppliers knowingly or unknowingly supplying them under the "Hardox®" brand name.

How to make sure you get genuine Hardox®?

As a buyer:

  • Always insist that you want genuine Hardox® wear plates manufactured by SSAB Sweden.

  • When requesting a quote make sure the supplier has mentioned the Hardox® brand name. Beware of terms such as "Hardox® Equivalent" or quotes mentioning "Hardox®/SOME OTHER BRAND NAME"

  • Always insist on getting a material test certificate (MTC). Make sure to check the genuineness of the MTC.

An illustration from shows how to identify genuine Hardox® Plates

What to do when in doubt?

When in doubt, the best way is to directly contact SSAB Sweden (

For the benefit of the customers, SSAB also has a network of authorized Hardox® Wearpart Centers around the globe to assist you.

In Qatar, Doha Industries and Engineering Services is an authorized Hardox® Wearpart Center and we can make sure that you receive plates or parts made from genuine Hardox.

Why buy Genuine Hardox®?

Genuine Hardox® comes with guarantees that other wear plates may not provide.

An illustration from shows what genuine Hardox® guarantees

Long Story Short

To make sure that you are getting genuine Hardox® products, the best way is to get in touch with SSAB Sweden or one of their Hardox® Wearparts Centers. Doha Industries and Engineering Services is a SSAB-appointed Hardox® Wearpart Center in Qatar and we can make sure that you are getting the right products and best solution for your problems.


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